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It means that if you play on our server mod will be released soon with our anti-cheat client, other players has This scheme works the same in the direction of other players. Our modification is cross-platform. The people were carefully selected from different subcommunities and had all a knowledgable programming background. Given the already meantioned context and your wish to succeed with this project, I would strongly advise you to do the same.

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Active players nowadays have already build up trust due to their long lasting Sauerbraten career. So in conclusion, I think your efforts are too late and there is no need for an anti-cheat client anymore. More usefull would be a propper DDoS defence strategy, for example. I wish you still, the best of luck. The point in comed was to not make functions which would give you an unfair advantage over the vanilla client. Having 2 different rifle colours will immediately enable you to decide if you get shot at by an enemy or a supporting teammate.

I agree it would be an awesome feature, but please think about this kind of stuff. Vanilla players should always be the baseline. I also admit that wilst in the process of developing, I added some features that I wanted to be discussed, that had the same problems. Sadly many assholes took this as a chance to bitch about it, instead of giving constructive criticism. Certainly well after the high point of its popularity, and it was prompted by a high-profile cheating controversy.

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Are we really going to argue about the efficacy of an anti-cheat client for an open source game with no in-built cheat prevention system? The point is undebatable. Anti-cheat would be great, period. I was involved in PSL as a participant sometime Oct.

It all depends, whether you believe the games is dead, in which case why bother making these posts. If you think there is still scope for new players to join, you can make tournaments more inviting by including some anti-cheat measures. A bad anti cheat is worse than no anti cheat.


I agree with Star. Obst and I has already talked about this anticheat, and we might work together on it. If obst will use your client, am done with his tournament. And i think that you can count much more players. Just fuck it, and play the game with your real skills. You dont have to make a better player from yourself.

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Who cares. Cheaters and Dossers killed the fun of this game. Thanks to obst that hes starting something. Instead of your effort in client, try to find some clan or make one, so we have more clans to play. Convice your friends to play. Norecoil 5.

Now change only what I change because other changes will not work online just singleplayer. And that's it. I don't know if you can make the triggerbot toggle-able so if your being accused of hacking you can just turn it off, if any of you know, PM me. Two different computers. Could you walk me through a step by step like you did with the original post? I have mac version Follow MPGH. Remember Me?

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Sauerbraten Hacks Source Code. OK so since Cube 2: Sauerbraten was updated, most of the Source Code was changed also, I will be showing you a few hacks that I use most of the time, These hacks are: 1. It will not let me make changes to the file fps. I am on a Mac and Windows. Adversary if your on the mac, dont change anything yet.

State that first part differently?

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Okay, how might I do that?