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Long story short: I will downgrade to El Capitan and stay there unless Denon will offer an update to support Sierra or I buy new gear in future. Thanks for your replies.

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Investigating further, seems like even class compliant stuff dont mean it will be supported indefinitely. I think Microsoft had some talks about this I think at Musicmesse…? I think this will get better as companies like Razer and pcaudiolabs. An interesting note is that the Traktor S4 MK1 is still supported on the latest version of Windows, in this case 10, contrary to the latest version of macOS, in this case Sierra.

For me, these recent trends from both the biggest OS makers will play a HUGE part in making future decisions on what computer to get. I will be testing my stuff in Windows to see how it performs and if everything goes ok, I will be going off the Apple ecosystem for good. Buying underpowered, unrepairable, unupgradeable hardware with a short support timeframe is something I dont particularly condone.


Even more, how much does an Apple product last? Now adhering back to subject, DJ-wise for Traktor Im not sure since I havent dealt with external mixing but maybe getting the absolute best mixer you can get to mix externally and just upgrade soundcards down the line? Maybe a great midi mappable mixer would work as well if mixing internally? Production is more forgiving… is just about having everything that makes sounds to be hardware based and just use a good audio interface and a DAW like Ableton.

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I think I would be going this route since production stuff is cheaper nowadays and you can get good beefy analog hardware for cheaper like the DrumBrute, Minilogue, used Moog, Euroracks etc. The only reason I ever bought one is because of DJ-ing. All my other PCs are, have been and will be Windows machines.

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That said, for many reasons the Mac does please me more than my previous Windows laptops have done for DJ-ing purpose dual-boot, DJ-optimized and all. They are not shy of trying anything that will bring in more Windows dollars even while customers are perfectly happy with what they currently have either. The flip side of the closed Apple Eco-system is that stuff would work, because they did not have to take the entire world into account designing something, nor did they have to do the legacy thing any longer than they felt like it, meaning newer and better technologies could come in quicker.

The lifespan of hardware supporting the latest OS versions is, by the look of it, shorter than that of Windows machines. While an old intel-based laptop might not run very fast, you could usually install the Windows version you wanted, even if it was below official specs.

The only thing Windows refuses to do is let you install a bit version on a bit machine, which is a good thing LOL. OSX and now macOS did just stop allowing you to install a newer version on a machine that was under-specced in their opinion. And you could still continue using the old version, it would just not try to upgrade to the new release.

As with all brands, at some point support for older software and hardware seizes to exist. While this might last longer with Windows, the risks of non-support are bigger too. This is a debatable point of course, but in general I think most people will use a Mac as is, while nobody in his right mind would contemplate using a Windows machine without virus and malware protection. Compatibility is always a combination of hardware and software. Cooperating vendors are needed to get and keep things playing smoothly together. As soon as one vendor withdraws cooperation, it becomes exponentially hard for the other vendor to keep the support up.

A good example are the latest controllers, where in the old days doing a simple midi-mapping would have you covered something even users could do, point in case the Traktor Bible website for example , now you see that software that had HID support for all Pioneer gear have to go through Pioneer to get it working for newer models coincidence that this non-compliance started with the advent of competing RekordBox DJ software? I just bought the MCX, which is fully ready for Serato support. I use Mixvibes Cross though and so-far a mapping has not been made.

But if one is ever made, Denon has to put forth some support to Mixvibes. This could be as easy as supplying them with an early model MCX and the necessary info. Same goes for VDJ. They have a midi-mapping for the MXC might have some more money to go out and buy every controller launched , but obviously without the screens working.

Oh well, just observations from an old hand. Yes of course everything will eventually brake, get unsupported, board will get cold solders, dust and moisture will kill it etc. My aim for the thread is about how to prolong useful life in a throwaway market mentality. This little tutorial shows to proceed. We did a quick sound check. Download a short recording and check the quality yourself. It says: "The book is essential to anyone looking to dig beneath the surface and tap into the real power of the latest NI offerings.

The main new feature is the remix decks that will replace the sample decks that we are familiar with in the current version of Traktor Pro 2. All details about the new 2. Release of Traktor 2. Read his review article and watch his review video directly on Digital DJ Tips website. Watch the complete discussion in a video we recorded for you.

What exactly does it mean? How allows the latching layers system you to easily create mappings with just one layer, or if you wish with different, multiple layers? The K2 should be in stores in January If you want to know why we think that there will be hard times ahead for the Kontrol X1, read our extensive review. The finder helps you with finding the mapping command you need. Simply move the mouse over a button, knob or slider to see the corresponding mapping commands. The information provided in the list was collected from different digital DJ forums.

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This reminded me of this great interview with Tony Andrews, founder of Funktion One. I want to share it with you if you haven't seen it yet. In Single Turntable Mode two Traktor decks share one timecode signal. An S4 Add-on mapping allows you how switch between absolute and relative timecode mode from your Kontrol S4.

The mapping technique explained will help you, when you run out of available modifiers. Furthermore, there can be situations where you need to make a command dependent of more than two modifiers. For example, you may wish to use two of the standard modifier values M1 to M8 and additionally one of the extended modifiers like Is in Loop.

However, the user interface of the Controller Manager that you need to use to cerate your mappings, is sub-optimal. It eliminates the shortcomings of the Controller Manager and makes mapping creation a lot easier. The winners of one of 20 free copies of Xtreme Mapping are To route the audio the free tool Jack is used. The audio from the Traktor decks is sent to Maschine, where you can apply all Maschine effects and external plugins. Updating the firmware is very easy with the new tool Device Updater. How's my driving? Many thanks to all who took part in the Traktor Bible reader survery.

The current results are online now. What does this mean? An attribute browser and saved filters make it easy to find the samples you need. All who upload ten or more samples or sample packages up to June 15, June 30, , take part in the drawing of several prizes. The fader start feature can be implemented for any MIDI controller available. The winner has been drawn begin of May The new edition, Traktor 2 Bible, is available now and can be ordered in the Traktor Bible Shop and at various resellers.

This tutorial explains how the mode selected affects the synchronisation possibilities. The mapping commands Traktor provides make it quite easy to build a mapping for the loop recorder and use it either in a user mapping for the S4 or with any other controller. Is it possible to recreate the same behaviour in an S4 user mapping or in a mapping for another controller? Unfortunately not. This tutorial shows the details. Continue reading Feed your Sample Slots Are you looking for samples which you can use in your sample slots? An overview page in the Portals section contains several links to download portals for samples. Open link page Portal missing? All crucial performance functions like cueing and looping have been revised and refined for intuitive handling in Traktor Pro, while extensive cover artwork support allows users to visually browse their music library in an especially efficient way. Advanced syncing functions give DJs more time to focus on the creative aspects of their performance. Precise beat grids are created automatically for all tracks, and the "Sync Lock" function makes sure that even multiple decks and tempo-synced effects never drift out of sync.

Traktor Pro also opens up vast new possibilities for creative sound manipulation, with a powerful performance multi-effects section that is both extremely versatile and highly accessible. And to give users the maximum level of control over their performance, Traktor Pro offers state-of-the-art MIDI controller integration, and comes with mappings for all relevant DJ controllers on the market.

The two-deck "Traktor Duo" version provides most of the powerful features of Traktor Pro at an even more affordable price, offering an ideal entry into the world of digital DJing. Easy to create keyboard short cuts. Although Virtual DJ is more expensive and has a cheaper look, if you ask me. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker.

Finally I got my hands on the UB version. Traktor is much better than anything else I've played with so far. It's well worth the bucks. I tried the demo and I'll have to stick to lugging round my vinyl as this software simply isn't ready yet, and I certainly wouldn't trust it live.

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Sort it out NI. Can only tell of one major setback on one set when it crashed on me The complains of other users here are probably valid, but I for one have been having a really great time with the demo of Traktor DJ Studio. It runs for an hour before quitting, plenty of time to learn how it works. And its feature set is very good. It does automatic tempo matching and beat detection; you can create multiple beat-precise loops within tracks -- on-the-fly even; you can set markers to indicate where within this track the next one should automatically start playing Anyone who thinks they want to be a DJ should give this a try.

There's no extra hardware to buy!