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I really need to quit my jobs so I can have more time at home with my Mac collection. They just sit there and hum right along all day and night without a hic-up at all. My only gripe is how loud it is. Up until about three years ago I had what I lovingly called my Frankenmac. The following are the improvements I put in to it:. My mother has been using a similar Mac for years.


Poor thing can hardly finish a single task without getting bogged down or crashing, but it still tries. I bet if we could do a clean install, it would be completely usable again. And my mother is afraid that such a big effort will just be too much for it…. MorphOS should be out soon for that machine and you will be able to download the ISO and test it for free. Right now MorphOS is at version 2. It has a lot of original software and isnt connected to the web but it does great for photos, music and word processing.

Run it headless, and really just use it for remote desktop sessions for when I need an OS X app for something specific ie iTunes server — should handle the file sharing and library sharing like a trooper. I might even see if I can scrounge up a copy of OS X I just hope that I would just be on the lookout for dead Power Macs of the same generation and scrounge extra hard drives and RAM from them, as well as other spare parts.

No one mentioned video card or USB card upgrades. If I had a second USB drive to clone this internal one on to before hand, then I probably would have just wiped it. An old PowerMac G4 put to good use is a sweet thing, I find intel macs are spectacularly overpowered for day to day tasks.


Mac Mini (Power PC)

It all boils down to: how much processing power do you really need? So when the day came that I was able to my hands on a 1. First thing I did when I got it home was pop in the hard drive from the eMac I tossed out. Plugged it in and wha-la! Was like I never got rid of the old beast.

Mac Mini G4 Ghz Hard Drive and RAM Upgrade

I had a box of computer parts laying around and quickly found and maxed the 2GB of ram, added two more hard drives in raid-0 and added an 80mm fan to the pci vents to draw out more heat. Then of course I added All in all it still runs really well, just a little slower. My OCD is sending me into overdrive right now.

Fast London Mac Memory Upgrade and Replacement

Why would you not wipe the drive before installing the new OS. Yea, I know… But honestly, I never see the old files. My work environment is clean, and Im happy with it. Any machine that has been used and abused as much as you describe should be completely reformatted.

upgrade the RAM in the Mac powerbook G4 models

I believe that is the most powerful Mac that can still boot Mac OS 9. Switching off unnecessary background tasks is a must, flash-based stuff a slight PITA. It is a bit slow but works just fine for day to day tasks. Adding OWC memory to your Mac is one of the best things you can do to extend the life, and accelerate the performance of your computer.

Our library of free installation videos guide you through each step in the process. If you need assistance, our award-winning tech experts are standing by to help walk you through your upgrade via phone, chat, or email. With the best components, the best support, and backed by the best warranty, OWC memory is simply the best memory upgrade for your Mac. In addition to the extensive testing each and every OWC memory is also continuously batch tested in actual machines. With such quality assured performance, OWC brand memory is backed by an industry leading lifetime advanced replacement warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Recognizing When Your Older Mac Isn’t Worth the Upgrade

If you need your OWC brand memory replaced, we will ship to you the same or next business day. We use cookies to provide you with a full shopping experience, including personalized content, and to help us improve your experience.

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