Big mac jak z mcdonalds

It's a trash burger in comparison to the other FF chains, again imo.

Aug 6th, pm Looks like I'll be eating a lot of McDonald's next week. Cheap and cheerful Report Post.

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Aug 6th, pm Sad thing is that "Only one offer is allowed per order". Aug 6th, pm Can the mobile offers discount be used on this? Aug 6th, pm how much is a mcdouble dressed up as a big mac? Aug 6th, pm Just know that when you're eating that delicious Big Mac, you're getting 3mm less top bun than usual. Personally I'm boycotting McDonald's until they reverse this travesty of justice, which you can seriously read about here Report Post.

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Aug 6th, pm I miss free mac with app Report Post. See More.

The one, the only! Separate grills are used to cook the beef and chicken patties used in all our burgers and the Foldover.

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The grills have sensors that determine the cooking time for products. Products are grilled from frozen to maintain the highest quality standards. As the order appears on the screen, the crew person begins preparing the order by toasting the bun, adding fresh ingredients lettuce, onions, pickles etc. Hygiene is of the highest priority within the restaurant. At the back of the restaurant, utensils, trays and other cooking equipment are washed in hot water, rinsed using a spray nozzle and then sanitised before being air-dried.

Big Mac® Meal

A wash area is within close proximity to the different stations in the kitchen. A kitchen timer goes off every 30 minutes and every hour to remind crew to sanitise and wash respectively. Crew have easy access to the wash area to sanitise every 30 minutes and an hourly hand wash routine. We have a variety of buns for our different products. Each bag of buns has an expiry and production date printed on the packaging.

The drinks are poured at the front counter but are mixed between the multiplex and the drink system.

Every drink arrives ice cold. The fries are kept in a portion controlled release container that ensures the right amount of fries is cooked at a time.

Big Mac® | McDonald's New Zealand

The frying stations filter themselves to remove remaining fries from the station and keep it clean. In doing this, every batch of fries is cooked perfectly every time. Our fries also have specific golden standards that they have to adhere to which ensures the warm, crisp, golden and delicious fries are always just how you like them.