How to cut pages from pdf mac

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Using Automator. But there are multiple steps you need to do. After you import the PDF files you need to split, as same as merging PDF files, you can go to the Pages tab and then click on the Split Document button, a window will subsequently display. Here you can set the number of pages which will be split, or you can choose to split the PDF document with top-level bookmarks. In addition, you can customize the folder where the split files will be saved to.

The Easiest Way to Split PDF Pages on Mac and Windows

After you have downloaded the PDFelement Pro you can run the program first. Then click on "Open" button in the main interface to import PDF files to the program as your needs. Go to "Page" and click on "Split". Then you can choose the number of pages you want to split in the pop up window. As a web application, you can split PDFs on all operating systems using the latest web browsers. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Split PDF with preview. Our PDF splitter gives you a preview of the pages you want to split. You can select pages in the visual interface or just type in the number of the pages you want to extract. Affordable online software.

Usually, to split a PDF you have to spend a lot of money on premium software. We offer it at affordable monthly rates. PDF processing in the cloud.

All the hard splitting, extracting and deleting work happens in the cloud. So it won't use any of your computer's resources. For the latter, select the pages you wish to extract. Click 'Split PDF', wait for the process to finish and download.

Add, delete, or move PDF pages in Preview on Mac

When comes to split PDF, click "Split" tab to switch the interface. Step 5.

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Drag and drop a PDF. Select the desired option. Step 6.

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Security Offline. No network connection required. No data will be uploaded. No restrictions on the number of both added PDF files and pages.