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Ashenfelter Orley , Card David , — Amsterdam : North-Holland. Journal of Economic Literature 20 2 : — Burdett Kenneth , Mortensen Dale.

  • McDonald's wages and the price of a Big Mac around the world -
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  • Here's How Long It Would Take A Fast Food Worker To Earn A Big Mac | HuffPost.
  • Not-So-Big-Mac: What 'Minimum Wage' Actually Means In Australia | Lifehacker Australia.

International Economic Review 39 2 : — Journal of Labor Economics 18 4 : — Campbell Jeffrey , Lapham Beverly. American Economic Review 94 4 : — Card David , Krueger Alan. Princeton, N. American Economic Review 90 5 : — American Economic Review 93 1 : 15 — Washington, D. Deere Donald , Murphy Kevin M. American Economic Review 85 2 : — Deloitte and Touche.

This Is How Much A Big Mac Would Cost If The Minimum Wage Was $15 – ThinkProgress

Deltas George. Journal of Labor Economics 17 1 : 1 — Dixit A. American Economic Review 67 3 : — Flinn, Christopher. Journal of Economic Literature 36 3 : — Hashimoto Masanori. American Economic Review 72 5 : — Kashyap Anil.

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  2. Are These the Average Minimum Wages and Big Mac Prices in Three Countries?.
  3. This Is How Much A Big Mac Would Cost If The Minimum Wage Was $15 – ThinkProgress.
  4. Not-So-Big-Mac: What 'Minimum Wage' Actually Means In Australia.
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  6. Minutes Of Minimum-Wage Work To Buy A Big Mac: 36 minutes in the US, 6 hours in Afghanistan?
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  8. Quarterly Journal of Economics 1 : — Katz Lawrence , Krueger Alan. Industrial and Labor Relations Review 46 1 : 6 — Kennan John. Journal of Economic Literature 33 4 : — Newman Peter Kennan John. Newman Peter , — New York : Norton. Kim Taeil , Taylor Lowell Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 13 2 : — Lee David.

    Machin Stephen , Wilson Joan. MacDonald James , Aaronson Daniel. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 88 2 : — Manning Alan. Quarterly Journal of Economics 4 : — Princeton : Princeton University Press. Kosters Marvin , 55 — Neumark David , Wascher William Neumark David , Wascher William. Journal of Labor Economics 19 3 : — Rebitzer James , Taylor Lowell. The index does not pretend to progress on PPP, rather, the index is based on PPP and it's goal is to highlight disparities between currencies on this one particular product, hopefully to provide insights into long-term valuations and promote debate on the disparities.

    Now the reasons for this disparity may run into the hundreds but obviously will include cost of energy, labour and raw materials. If all the critics out there want to be constructive rather than follow the "oh no he didn't, oh yes he did" model of debate, perhaps they would care to study the substantial theory behind PPP and give us all a deeper insight into currency valuation and the regional variation in the price of goods due to the multitude of interacting macro economic factors which affect the outputs of industrial processes.

    Perhaps a better gauge would be to measure various other fast food prices and average it as, because as far as I recall, mc ds in india does not have big macs on thier menu, I suppose they have the vegetarian version of it This is great tool, one can see the position of real exchange rate for Big Mac vrs the productivity GDP , therefore I know where will be my next trip to make my money valuable or the best places to get knowledge in productivity.

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    Great job The Economist. Venezuela is experiencing high inflation and problems with labor markets.

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    • Are These the Average Minimum Wages and Big Mac Prices in Three Countries?.
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    • McDonald's wages and the price of a Big Mac around the world -;

    This is messing with their currency values. Think in terms of Zimbabwe. Would you want the currency if it was going down in value rapidly? The MCD franchise is charging more because their currency is out of whack. I would like to point out that as of in Argentina where we all know that official figures are skewed the Big Mac was far cheaper than any comparable burger, such as a Quarter Pounder. So cheap that it was only listed on the small menu to the side of the cash registers, never advertised as a meal. Also, in Venezuela - the official exchange rate may be around , but if you bring dollar bills and change them on the street you can get well over as of Big Mac in Turkey is not 8.

    I mean the chart is wrong. A small loaf is Bs. Please revisit your calculator.

    Working time required to buy a Big Mac in cities worldwide 2015

    I bought one las week. If you want i could post the ticket Interactive currency-comparison tool The Big Mac index. User guide: The 'select base currency' button allows you to choose from five base currencies: the yuan, the euro, the yen, sterling and the US dollar. Tweet Submit to reddit.

    Earn minimum wage? It’ll take this long to afford a Big Mac

    Readers' comments Reader comments are listed below. Sort: Newest first Oldest first Readers' most recommended. Venezuela at the top is a real surprise for me. Why is that? Bloomberg demands that it be changed to a carrot and celery index.

    Minimum Monthly Wage in the UK & What can you buy with the minimum monthly wage?